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There is an ever-increasing focus on global supply chains, with organisations themselves needing to take increased responsibility for whom they […]

  知らせ Modern Slavery Act Statement Workshop in Tokyo on Friday 2nd March 2018 Modern Slavery Act Statement Workshop in […]

Has the Modern Slavery Act acutally had an impact?

1. Go beyond the bare minimum Make human rights and the fight against modern slavery a central part of the […]

Can business afford to ignore the link between environment and modern slavery?

Ardea International & Caux Round Table Japan partner to help Japanese businesses comply with Modern Slavery Act

Why CLT envirolaw is changing to Ardea International

Serious Fraud Office v Rolls-Royce Plc & Rolls-Royce Plc Energy Systems Inc

A major sector of renewable energy investment is occurring in wind farms

Garcia v. Tahoe Resources Inc

The key lesson highlighted in this judgment is the fact that membership of the same group of companies does not automatically clothe a parent company

Following a campaign by Greenpeace HSBC is set to change its policies on forest deforestation

First published on, we explore a year on from the Modern Slavery Act