Business & Human Rights Consultancy

Human Rights in business is a growing area. Compliance is crucial for business sectors. Businesses have to manage their legal and reputational risk in relation to human rights issues.


Human Rights and Environment Mandatory Disclosure and Due Diligence Supply Chain Legal Register

The Ardea due diligence supply chain legal register allows users to review human rights and environmental disclosure legislation across any jurisdictions relevant to their business and supply chains. It helps to understand legal obligations, manage risk, determine disclosure, improve due diligence.

Legal Compliance with Human Rights and Business Legislation

A proliferation of human rights related legal risks for business can expose the company to fines and its directors and officers to personal liability.

Ethical Procurement & Responsible Supply Chain Sourcing

Considers the impact of environmental, economic and social factors alongside price and quality

Human Rights Policy Development

Companies are required to publish their human rights policy under the UNGPs and for benchmarking purposes

Human Rights Reporting and KPIs

Mandatory reporting legislation requires that business develops Key Performance Indicators to address human rights and social issues

Developing Human Rights Due Diligence

The benefits of complying with the UNGPs
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