Modern Slavery in your Supply Chain

Modern slavery and human trafficking is a global issue. Not all countries have laws that require businesses to disclose the steps they are taking to eliminate slavery from their operations. The UK Modern Slavery Act requires businesses to be transparent about how they are tackling modern slavery, both within their own operations and in their supply chains.


KPI Reporting for Modern Slavery

Transparency and working with mandatory disclosure regulation

Modern Slavery Reporting Legal Register

The Ardea due diligence supply chain legal register allows users to review human rights and environmental disclosure legislation across any jurisdictions relevant to their business and supply chains. It helps to understand legal obligations, manage risk, determine disclosure, improve due diligence.

Modern Slavery Legal Compliance Gap analysis-policies and processes

Ardea has developed a programme designed specifically to support organisations in their efforts to tackle modern slavery and aid the […]

Launch of a New Service: Forced labour and modern slavery due diligence

NEW Due diligence service to address Forced labour and modern slavery in supply chains.

Risk Management for the Modern Slavery Act

We provide expertise on managing modern slavery risk

Sustainable Procurement for Businesses

We help organisations create and embed sustainable and ethical practices

Meeting the Objectives of SDG 8.7

SDG8.7 is one of the SDGs goals to to eradicate forced labour, end modern slavery and human trafficking

Australian Modern Slavery Act 2018

We offer a range of support and guidance for businesses to ensure compliance with the Australian Modern Slavery Act.

Modern Slavery Act 2015: Key Legal Requirements

Our guide sets out frequently asked questions on key legal requirements

Due Diligence for Modern Slavery

Our services provide support in the development of disclosure of information on due diligence processes

Modern Slavery Legal Compliance

Support and guidance for businesses to ensure compliance with the UK Modern Slavery Act and other modern slavery legislation.

ACT to END slavery: 4 key elements

What elements does ACT to END encompass? Build Awareness Training and awareness raising activities designed to: Build basic understanding Further upskill […]
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