Forced labour in business and supply chains

About this course

This short introductory course will introduce participants to the field of business and human rights providing guidance and a case study on 7 easy steps to implement the UN Guiding Principles on business and human rights


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  • Modules: 1
  • Study: 30 minutes
  • Duration: 0.25 days
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  • Self-paced learning
  • Tailored additional content for further reading
  • Real-life case studies
  • Relevant film content
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Who's it suitable for?

Everyone. This course is a great introduction to Anyone wanting to know more about the topic.

C-suite and directors. From HR and finance directors to CEOs, make sure your legal responsibilities are covered.

Managers. Compliance officers, sustainability specialists to procurement and buyers, this course is a perfect level for you.

Academics. Lecturers and students – get in touch for discounted options

Learning outcomes

01. Provide a basic overview to modern slavery and how it relates to your organisation and the business case

02. Ability to define what activities constitute human trafficking and slavery

03. Be able to identify the risk indicators of modern slavery within a business

04. Describe your legal responsibilities and the penalties for non-compliance

This is a well executed introduction to the course and really informative. It works as a great starting point for other courses offered by Ardea International.

Why are with human rights important to business?

The business case for respecting human rights and undertaking human rights due diligence is straightforward. An integrated approach to human rights e-learning series will help your business:

  • manage legal risk: are you on top of growing mandatory requirements in this space?
  • improve investor relations: are you accountable for you human rights impacts?
  • protect brand value: is your company informed on how being associated with negative media can affect your bottom line?
  • ‘do the right thing’: do you have a social license to operate as well as a legal one?

Events companies all over the world are being challenged to address their human rights impacts. The UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights, together with relevant standards and guidance, set a benchmark for companies on how to address their human rights impacts, within operations and in the supply chain.


Why study with Ardea?

Doing the course will make you both more confident when talking about modern slavery and human rights and give you a deeper understanding.

You’ll learn the theory, see real-life case studies and get to grips with the legal parameters and how to apply them within your organisational setting.

Come away with strategies to ensure what you’ve studied has a lasting impact.

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