Free Webinar: Achieving Living Incomes in Agricultural Supply Chains

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Join this free webinar to hear from industry experts on how companies can achieve living incomes in their supply chains.


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Date: Friday 3rd of May 2024, 13.30-14.30 GMT+1

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About this webinar


It is well documented that living income interventions contribute to addressing root causes of poverty while mitigating many other human rights risks such as child and forced labour. Civil Society argues strongly that, based on the UNGPs, decent income for suppliers is a human right.

Challenges arise when a business considers how to ensure farmers in their supply chains are making a living income. Many buyers do not purchase all of a farmer’s goods and may have limited visibility or control over variables such as land size, adoption of good agricultural practices, or prices received for other goods at the farm gate.

Assessing living incomes is a tool for businesses to estimate the cost of a basic and decent standard of living for a household, compared to what their suppliers earn. In turn, this allows businesses to develop informed livelihood strategies based on the aspects of household income that they are able to influence.

Our Speakers

Rory Oake

As a consultant at Ardea, Rory has contributed to a range of projects relating to modern slavery and sustainability, developing practical solutions to embed human rights due diligence across supply chains in line with the law and international standards. In his time at Ardea, Rory’s projects have involved clients in professional sports, finance, IT, manufacturing and agriculture sectors.



ETP is a global membership organisation working with members, partners, and other organisations to tackle tea’s most pressing issues across economics, equality, and the environment. Their collective work has the potential to reach millions of people whose livelihoods depend on tea in the regions where they operate. Their members include a range of tea companies, from start-ups to multi-nationals. They seek out diverse partnerships to help us evolve new ways to tackle issues and we share our learnings to raise awareness, deepen understanding, and galvanise action.


Leena Camadoo

With over fifteen years of experience in value chain and market systems development, Leena is passionate about reducing inequality with a specific focus on gender transformative approaches. At ETP, her role centres on advancing equality and economic initiatives.

Leena’s experience spans hands-on program implementation in rural Nicaragua, ethical sourcing from global smallholder cooperatives, and collaborating with multinational companies to address sustainability and human rights issues in their supply chains.



IDH seeks to transform markets and enable businesses to create value for people and planet. IDH brings stakeholders together from across global value chains, to innovate and invest in solutions for sustainable and inclusive international trade. In 15 years of operation, IDH has mobilised private sector investment and support for new business models creating better jobs, better incomes, a better environment, and made progress towards gender equity.


Vaibhav Panpaliya

Senior Innovation Manager – Better Income

Vaibhav is the impact lead for IDH thematic work on income improvement for small-holder farmers in global agri-value chains. In his role he leads IDH’s thought leadership, tools and solutions and strategic advisory on various topics relating to farmer incomes including Living Income.

He comes with over a decade of experience in the social development and small-holder farming systems. He has worked in diverse roles across multiple agriculture value chains from being a small holder horticulture farmer himself to now guiding companies and other institutions in scaling their efforts towards improving realities for small-holder farmers globally. He holds a Masters in Agroecology and Sustainable Food Systems from Wageningen University.


Mark Birch

Program Director – Sustainable Procurement

Mark recently joined IDH as Program Director – Sustainable Procurement. He has 37 years of FMCG experience in both consumer facing and B2B organisations, with 15 years spent inProcurement functions and 10 years leading sustainability strategies. He has a track record in driving positive impact in farming supply chains and extensive commercial expertise in agricultural crop procurement.

His current role is focused on effecting change in procurement practices of companies, todrive meaningful social change.





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