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Modern slavery and the sports sector: introductory elearning module

About this course

Modern slavery risks exist in the sports sector in a variety of forms. There are potential risks with the international recruitment of players, production of goods and equipment and the construction and supplied labour of major sporting events. This course aims to provide you with the knowledge to identify these risks and to clarify your role in mitigating them.


  • Online only
  • Beginner
  • Modules: 1
  • Study: Online
  • Duration: 15 Minutes
  • £15 plus VAT


  • Self-paced learning
  • Videos
  • Sport sector specific
  • Theory and practice
  • Short quizzes once each module is completed

£30 excl. VAT

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Who's it suitable for?

Everyone. This is an introductory course and is therefore great for anyone wishing to know more about the topic.

HR personnel . Professionals working in Human Resources.

Compliance and legal , safeguardin officers . Great for Lawyers, compliance officers and general counsel members, safeguarding officers

CEOs and Company directors within the sports sector . From directors to CEOs, ensure that your operations abide by and ensure your legal responsibilities.

Individuals, academics .

Learning outcomes

01. Understand what modern slavery is

02. Gain insight into why the sports sector should be concerned with modern slavery

03. Ability to identify risks within the sports industry

04. Understand legal responsibilities surrounding the issue

It was a good introduction to the subject of modern slavery and was clearly aimed at newcomers to the subject; it was not too complicated or exhaustive so as to be aimed at those with none or only a basic understanding of the subject; the team felt that they would be comfortable with asking other members of their team to do it if those individuals also needed training on this subject; on-line learning is welcome as individuals can do it in their own time to suit their own diaries :UK Premier League Football Club

Why do I need to learn about modern slavery in the sports sector?

It is important that companies have the ability to identify modern slavery risks within the sports sector. Understanding how to identify and mitigate these risks will help:

  • Manage legal risks – are you fully aware of your legal responsibilities to protect workers in the sports sector?
  •  Doing the right thing it is important to understand your company’s operations and to ensure that it isn’t taking advantage of workers at risk of  exploitation and modern slavery.
  • Protect brand value – These days there is a greater interest in the ethics of a business. It is important to protect your company from being exposed for operating in an unethical manner.

Why study with Ardea?

This e-learning course will equip individuals and organisations in the sports sector to understand how modern slavery  applies to  the sports sector .

Come away with an introduction to learn more about the topic and how to manage the risk .

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