Practical Steps to Implement Decent Work

About this course

This decent work course has been designed to provide you with information on what decent work is, why companies should focus on decent work, what COVID means for decent work, and also provides a comprehensive action guide on steps a business can take to promote decent work.


  • Online only
  • Beginner
  • Modules: 5
  • Study:
  • Duration: self-paced
  • From £250 (exc.VAT)


  • Self-paced
  • Reading materials
  • Action guide to implement decent work
  • Videos
  • One to one consultancy for 1 hour included in price

from £250.00 excl. VAT including 1-1 support or £150.00 excl. VAT without 1.1

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Who's it suitable for?

Everyone. This course is a great introduction to anyone wanting to know more about the topic.

C-suite and directors. From HR and finance directors to CEOs, make sure you understand what it means to promote decent work in all aspects of a business or organisation.

Managers, human resources, procurement . Compliance officers, sustainability specialists to procurement and buyers, this course is a perfect level for you.

Learning outcomes

01. To understand what decent work is

02. To understand the importance of promoting decent work as a business and the benefits

03. To understand how COVID-19 has affected decent work and how to promote decent work during a pandemic

04. To understand practical steps that can be taken to promote decent work

Why do I need to learn about decent work?

Pinpointing when exploitative labour becomes forced labour is complex and difficult. By being proactive and focusing on efforts in realising the rights of workers, their families and communities, companies can significantly contribute to eliminating labour exploitation which could progress into more serious forms of modern slavery and negatively impact the company itself. Promoting and maintaining decent work in the workplace is the best way to prevent issues such as modern slavery, and makes it easier to identify when there may be instances of human rights violations such as forced labour or health and safety violations. The modules in this course include the following:

  1. What decent work is
  2.  Why businesses should care about decent work
  3. The benefits of decent work
  4.  COVID-19 implications and
  5.  A practical action plan on how to carry out decent work.



Why study with Ardea?

Doing the course will make you both more confident when talking about decent work and give you a deeper understanding.

You’ll learn the theory, and be provided with an action plan on what practical steps you can take to implement decent work into all aspects of work such as health and safety, navigating decent work during a pandemic, buying practices, and more.


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