Private Security and Human Rights

About this workshop

Are you concerned about how to identify and manage the risk of human rights, modern slavery, human trafficking and other legal compliance concerns in your organisation and supply chains? Have you included your private security providers in your supply chain and modern slavery due diligence checks? Have you considered using risk management and due diligence solutions, including impact assessments and risk assessments that incorporate ISOs 18788 and 28007 and other private security industry specific standards? This training forms part of the Ardea International’s ‘leading business beyond compliance’ series.


  • Online only
  • All Levels
  • Modules: 1
  • Study: Online Workshop
  • Duration: 3 Hours
  • £495 excl. VAT


  • Comprehensive workshop
  • Real-life case studies
  • Lively online discussion
  • Theory and practice
  • Potential for 1-2-1 follow up
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Who's it suitable for?

General legal counsel.


Human resource managers.

Procurement managers.

Sustainability and ethical managers.

Compliance officers.

Learning outcomes

01. be brought up to speed on the key legal compliance requirements of the Modern Slavery Act and business and human rights best practice with reference to the UNGPs.

02. be able to identify salient human rights/modern slavery impacts in the organisation and its supply chain including recruitment practices.

03. be familiar with the human rights requirements of ISOs 18788 and 28007, the Modern Slavery Act, UN Guiding Principles, and the International Code of Conduct Association (ICoCA)

04. identify risk of modern slavery and human trafficking as well as key human rights concerns and how to monitor these risks

05. understand how a human rights risk assessment is aligned with ISO 18788 (2015), PSC1, and ISO 28007.

06. consider how to communicate these issues in various roles

07. identify key requirements on codes of conduct

About the trainer

Laura Croft will deliver the training. Laura is a qualified US lawyer and previously was a director at Talking Oak International, a specialist legal consultancy providing human rights advice, compliance support and training design and delivery to private security companies and other companies and NGOs operating in challenging and complex environments. She assisted the Security in Complex Environments Group (SCEG)—the trade association for the UK’s private security industry—with numerous projects preparatory work with the British Standards Institute to develop ISO 28007—2015; and the transition of the international standard for land based Private Security Companies (PSC 1) to a full International Standard (ISO 18788—2015).



Why study with Ardea?

Doing the course will make you both more confident when talking about modern slavery and human rights and give you a deeper understanding of how managing the risk of these issues in private security.

You’ll learn the theory,  real-life case studies and get to grips with the legal parameters and how to apply them within your organisational setting.

Come away with strategies to ensure what you’ve studied has a lasting impact.

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