All that glitters is not gold: Shining a light on supply chain disclosure in the jewellery sector: Has the Modern Slavery Act had an impact?

This report focuses on the jewellery sector and whether the reporting requirements of the Modern Slavery Act has had an impact. . We have included eight of the major jewellers in the UK, namely the Signet Group (and the companies under its control, as listed in the table in this report), Tiffany & Co., Goldsmiths, Links, F. Hinds, Beaverbrooks, Boodles and Cartier.

Managing Compliance with Environmental Law and Human Rights Laws in Organisations

IEMA guide: Sustainability in Practice: Managing compliance with environmental law and human rights laws in organisations

ISO 14001: Demonstrating Legal Compliance

This is a user friendly guide that will help organisations understand the steps that they need to take to demonstrate legal compliance under ISO14001
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