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Modern Slavery Act Reporting: COVID-19 checklist

Is your company required to produce an annual modern slavery statement in the UK or Australia? Are you aware of how to address the impact of COVID-19 in your reporting requirements ? Our checklist provide you with a guide on how to address and report on modern slavery risk during the coronavirus pandemic and how to extent reporting submission dates.

Transform Magazine: Held to Account

Download the full article: Transform Magazine, Held to Account

How can businesses develop sustainable procurement practices?

Increasing consumer awareness and a growing raft of regulations put businesses under more pressure than ever to make responsible purchasing […]

White paper: Ethical and sustainable procurement

his white paper explains what ethical and sustainable procurement means, providing guidance on how to integrate the concepts into procurement

Guidance on Modern Slavery reporting

The latest guidance from the UK government and CORE.

The UK Modern Slavery Act and EU Timber Regulation:Synergies and Divergence

What are the synergies and divergences between the Modern Slavery Act and the EU Timber Regulations?

Legal Insight: Dutch Child Labour Due Diligence law

New legislation in the Netherlands requires companies to determine if child labour exists in their supply chains.

The Modern Slavery Agenda: Policy, Politics and Practice in the UK

The first book to critically asses the legislation and offer strategies for improvement in policy and practice.

The Modern Slavery Agenda: Policy, politics and practice in the UK

The Modern Slavery Agenda: policy, politics and practice in the UK For more information and a discount see: Modernslaverybook cover

The right side of the law: Legal liabilities directors face over human rights and modern slavery.

This article explores the legal liabilities directors' face in relation to human rights and modern slavery.

Managing Compliance with Environmental Law and Human Rights Laws in Organisations

IEMA guide: Sustainability in Practice: Managing compliance with environmental law and human rights laws in organisations

All that Glitters is not Gold: Shining a light on supply chain reporting in the jewellery sector

Report on the impact of the UK Modern Slavery Act statement disclosures within the UK jewellery sector

An End to Forced Labour?

The article explores the impact of the Modern Slavery Act on supply chains.

All that glitters is not gold

Shining a light on supply chain disclosure in the jewellery sector: Has the Modern Slavery Act had an impact?

Standard Regulation- impact on sustainability practices

This article explores how voluntary standards in sustainability are driving changes to legislation
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