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Environmental & Human Rights corporate reporting law

First published in Environmental Law and Management Journal

Understanding the Modern Slavery Act

First published in the Environmentalist: Understanding the Modern Slavery Act

The EU Non-Financial Reporting Directive

An overview first published in the Environmentalist

A Modern Slavery Act for the UK: the uncertainty for business continues

First published on Lexis Nexis. Read the full article here: A Modern Slavery Act for the UK

Strategic Sustainable Procurement: An Overview of Law and Best Practice for the Public and Private Sectors

Procurement is playing an increasingly strategic role as a lever for sustainable development and social and environmental responsibility. Greater regulation […]

Mandatory Greenhouse Gas Reporting For UK Quoted Companies

Coming into force in 2013, the regulations apply to companies that are incorporated in the UK, and whose equity share […]

Strategic environmental assessment: implementation within the United Kingdom

The Environmental Assessment of Plans and Programmes Regulations (the Regulations) were introduced into the UK in July 2004. The Regulations […]

Finance Against Trafficking: Response to Modern Slavery Evidence Review

This responds to the consultation questions for implementing legislation to address human trafficking. The response recognises the importance of opening […]

Setting Standards for Sustainable Business

There has been a move towards aligning financial interests with environmental objectives. For business, sustainability standards are strategic tools that reduce […]

Developments in environmental reporting and the rise of environmental and social governance

The shifting global economic and environmental landscape is challenging the role of governments, civil society and businesses. The ripples of […]

Crying over spilt oil: what the gulf spills in Bohia and the Mexican gulf remind companies about sustainability risks

The past two years have witnessed two major spills of oil at opposite ends of the earth. Both spills were […]

The impact of sustainability and corporate social responsibility on company reporting

The recent impact of the volcanic ash spill on business and communities in the United Kingdom, EU and northern America […]

Corporate behaviour: how environmental risk and corporate governance are shaping change – or are they?

The intensifying and unremitting demand for greater corporate transparency has resulted in new, more stringent governance obligations and more onerous […]

Environmental disclosures under the new Companies Act

When the UK Government proposed a new Statutory Operating and Finance Review (OFR) in 2004, it introduced the notion that […]
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