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Fiduciary duties and modern slavery: Can a director incur liabilities under section 54 of the UK Modern Slavery Act? August […]

What is the Construction Protocol? The  Construction Protocol is a joint voluntary agreement for those involved to work collaboratively with […]

DeCONTSTRUCTing how business should respond to instances where modern slavery is identified.   On 10th of July 2018 Action Sustainability […]

A new report launch has launched with some clear recommendations for business

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Explore the environmental and social issues driving change in the construction industry

My guest blog, first published by  14/02/2018 There is usually a financial and emotional significance attached to buying jewellery. […]

  知らせ Modern Slavery Act Statement Workshop in Tokyo on Friday 2nd March 2018 Modern Slavery Act Statement Workshop in […]

CLT envirolaw: Why we are changing our name CLT envirolaw was set up in 2009 by its founder Colleen Theron. […]

Has the Modern Slavery Act acutally had an impact?

What business can do to make the Modern Slavery Act mean something

Can business afford to ignore the link between environment and modern slavery? Landmark court case on modern slavery involved in ‘Happy Eggs’

Guest blog by Liliya Akhmadullina- exploring the implications of the criminal finance act and human rights

During Anti Slavery week is is right to champion the many causes globally seeking to address the hidden and heinous crime of modern day slavery.