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Under the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, world leaders noted to “Take immediate and effective measures to eradicate forced labour, […]

1. Pressure from all sides to be sustainable The first and general overarching trend that will continue in 2022 is […]

Defining Modern Slavery  The MSA covers several definitions that are also defined in reference to article 4 of the European […]

In Spring this year, Ardea International sumbitted an action pledge to Alliance 8.7 and UN Global Compact to support the […]

As touched on in the previous blog in this series, the relationship between fast fashion demand and the growth of […]

The research in this series of blogs has been taken from a research paper that I completed as part of […]

According to the International Labor Organization, more than 232 million people across the globe live outside their countries of origin, […]

The Taxonomy Regulation, which entered into force on 12 July 2020, is an EU-wide classification system for environmentally sustainable economic […]

National Referral Mechanism Statistics 2021 While the Modern Slavery: National Refferal Mechanism Statistics reports from this year do not give […]

Colleen Theron shares her views on day eight of the summit on adaptation, loss and damage day . The discussions highlight the intersection between climate change and human rights.

There are currently estimated to be 40.3 million people living in slavery globally, with the most marginalised members of society […]

Speakers from the council, police, NGO’s and small businesses come together in person for a collaborative roundtable discussion on modern […]

Comply with legal requirements and embrace normative human rights standards. Where there are national or regional legal requirements for businesses […]

Whether from a legal perspective or a normative one, corporations are recognised as human rights ‘duty-bearers’ alongside states. The huge […]

The first wave of legislative action was aimed at promoting transparency in business and introducing reporting requirements for companies to […]