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The key lesson highlighted in this judgment is the fact that membership of the same group of companies does not automatically clothe a parent company

Following a campaign by Greenpeace HSBC is set to change its policies on forest deforestation

First published on, we explore a year on from the Modern Slavery Act

One of the key implications is that it is still not impossible for a high-street retailer to be supplied by unethical manufacturers

To comply or not to comply: discover more about our research on how businesses are responding to the Modern Slavery Act

Interview with Colleen Theron about the challenges and trends for the sustainability legal and business sectors

How the game of Cluedo relates to the question of publishing a statement under the Modern Slavery Act

The human rights issues currently facing UK businesses and why performance levels are still hard to gauge

Interview with Colleen Theron with Positive Luxury website

By Esther Le Roux, school pupil The Modern Slavery Act of 2015 is in place to confront the issues of […]

Background & Case Timeline This particular case is not a recent one and comes with a back catalogue of previous […]

Child labour is not a rare occurrence.  It is rife within supply chains. Some businesses are doing all they can […]

Consider whether the organisation is defi ned as a ‘commercial organisation’ within the defi nition of the Act Consider whether […]

In the wake of the Brexit vote, there is a lot of uncertainty, which often leads to scaremongering. My sense […]

As of March 2016 the Modern Slavery act will require businesses to meet new disclosure requirements, this webinar will provide […]