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Gardening in this country is something of a sport. I understand that there are something like 27 million active gardeners […]

April 18th saw the launch at the Towers Convent School of the first event to raise awareness about modern day […]

The US has seen a wave or lawsuits arising against companies alleging that their products have been made by slaves. […]

The US has seen a wave of lawsuits arising companies alleging that their products have been made by slaves. One […]

First published in the Environmentalist: Environmental and Human rights corporate reporting law: will the recent developments enhance supply chain efficiency?

Fighting Modern Slavery & Supply Chains

The California legislation TISCA has finally had an opportunity to flex its muscles as one of the first kind in […]

Blog Post Written by: Colleen Theron [fusion_text]Paris has been at the center stage of global news over the past two weeks. […]

Questions raised on how a business is managing human trafficking or modern day slavery in their supply chains are usually […]

11h00 pm, January, sales. I am about to press the pay button for a new pair of boots. Anyone that […]

2015 was in many ways a seminal year globally in relation to environmental and human rights issues. It was a […]

In March 2015, a draft regulation was proposed by the EU Commission. Business personnel may have been relieved to discover […]

The game of TRIVIAL PURSUIT declares the winner the person able to get six wedges from each category of questions. […]

1. IT’S ALL ABOUT MATERIALITY G4 focuses on identifying an organisation’s Material Aspects – those issues that reflect: the organisation’s […]

The court found that not only was BP not just negligent but grossly negligent. The judge apportioned 67% of the […]