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The game of TRIVIAL PURSUIT declares the winner the person able to get six wedges from each category of questions. […]

1. IT’S ALL ABOUT MATERIALITY G4 focuses on identifying an organisation’s Material Aspects – those issues that reflect: the organisation’s […]

The court found that not only was BP not just negligent but grossly negligent. The judge apportioned 67% of the […]

A year ago, the International Labour Organisation (ILO) drew up a new protocol that held governments responsible for ending human […]

The nation’s first Slavery Commissioner, Kevin Hyland, launched The Modern Slavery Garden. “Its estimated that between 21 million and 35 […]

Get out of jail free – when legal compliance is enough… or is it? – a game of Monopoly (some […]

Environment analysis: The latest revision to International Organization for Standardization’s environmental management standard introduces several key changes which could have […]

I remember watching a BBC Panorama programme on the abuse of human rights by Apple in the manufacturing of their […]

Many people and companies remain oblivious to the extent of modern day slavery. For some, seeing a film like ‘12 […]

For those who are unfamiliar with it, the Alien Tort Statute has previously been engaged to hold private actors, including […]

This blog was written by Rose Cross, CLT envirolaw intern I for one know that the mental state of those […]

This blog was first published on the Historic Futures website (see here). Historic Futures is an organisation that makes it […]

How is the private economy responding?

It is now widely recognised that: human rights impacts can affect a company’s reputation, disrupt its operations and even cause […]

Last week I co-presented with Catherine Warburton at her offices in Johannesburg about what the changes to ISO 14001 will […]