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The European Parliament has voted in favour of a report setting out recommendations and a draft directive to implement mandatory human rights and environmental due diligence. This blog covers 20 key points that business should consider in preparation for the legislation

First published in the BuzzFeed News article: HONG KONG — Amazon, Apple, Google, and other technology giants are distributing […]

The Complaint: Coubaly et al v Cargill Incorporated et al On the 12th of February 2021, a class complaint was […]

“How is my business affected by human rights?” “What is a human rights risk?” “Why should I be bothered?” More […]

As part of International Woman’s day, Colleen Theron shares part of her story as a business owner and entrepreneur inspired by Rose Read from BHAFC

The EU is currently considering legislation to improve sustainable corporate governance. What does this mean for business?

USA, Inc. v. Doe I and Cargill Inc. v. Doe I. These cases are brought against two major chocolate manufacturers in relation to allegations of using child slave labour in West Africa. Children were abducted from their families in Mali and Burkina Faso, then taken to Cote D’Ivoire and forced to work in terrible conditions. 

The article linked to below is  perhaps a good reminder for us all about #fastfashion. Is there something different you […]

Whilst the call for mandatory due diligence addresses the need for uniform legislation that mandates action and has appropriate penalties or enforcement provisions in place, the EU has also recognised that corporate governance plays a key role in delivering the EU’s commitment to the SDGs.

This checklist for the public sectory can be used as a guide to carry out a preliminary assessment to evaluate whether the MSA will apply to a public sector body and how well equipped they are to meet the mandatory reporting criteria.

Following its response to the consultation on the Modern Slavery Act (MSA), the UK Government has committed to amending section […]

Modern slavery is a serious crime that takes many forms including forced labour, trafficking, unpaid work, and servitude. Victims are […]

Background The Disclosure Regulation will apply from the 10th of March 2021. It compels professional investors and financial advisors to […]

The European Union has announced plans to develop a legislative proposal by 2021 that will require businesses to carry out due diligence on human rights and environmental impacts of their operations and supply chains. With many companies already being subject to some form of reporting legislation, Ardea International are looking into how mandatory due diligence differs from reporting.

New white paper – exploring the value of codes of conduct for responsible business practices