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Interview with Colleen Theron with Positive Luxury website

By Esther Le Roux, school pupil The Modern Slavery Act of 2015 is in place to confront the issues of […]

Background & Case Timeline This particular case is not a recent one and comes with a back catalogue of previous […]

Child labour is not a rare occurrence.  It is rife within supply chains. Some businesses are doing all they can […]

Consider whether the organisation is defi ned as a ‘commercial organisation’ within the defi nition of the Act Consider whether […]

In the wake of the Brexit vote, there is a lot of uncertainty, which often leads to scaremongering. My sense […]

As of March 2016 the Modern Slavery act will require businesses to meet new disclosure requirements, this webinar will provide […]

Where does your paint come from? I’m glad you ask as the answer is fascinating. It takes us on a […]

EU Referendum Vote: Impact of a leave decision on the environment. Yusuf Abdi: Law Undergraduate Birkbeck College, University of London […]

Can I ask you a question?

Gardening in this country is something of a sport. I understand that there are something like 27 million active gardeners […]

April 18th saw the launch at the Towers Convent School of the first event to raise awareness about modern day […]

The US has seen a wave or lawsuits arising against companies alleging that their products have been made by slaves. […]

The US has seen a wave of lawsuits arising companies alleging that their products have been made by slaves. One […]

First published in the Environmentalist: Environmental and Human rights corporate reporting law: will the recent developments enhance supply chain efficiency?