Business & Human Rights

Following the development of the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights (UNGPs), businesses can no longer turn a blind eye to human rights impacts arising from their operations.

Human Rights in business is fast emerging as a growing area where businesses must become compliant and manage their legal and reputational risks.


Managing Compliance with Environmental Law and Human Rights Laws in Organisations

IEMA guide: Sustainability in Practice: Managing compliance with environmental law and human rights laws in organisations

Director’s Checklist for UK company reporting requirements

Do you know what category your organisation falls into under the Companies Act 2006? i.e is it small or medium […]

Creating a human rights policy in 4 steps

A company that adopts a human rights policy demonstrates its commitment to respect human rights. What should such a policy cover? Ardea has developed this outline template to serve as a guide to companies wanting to get started on developing a human rights policy.

All that glitters is not gold: Shining a light on supply chain disclosure in the jewellery sector: Has the Modern Slavery Act had an impact?

This report focuses on the jewellery sector and whether the reporting requirements of the Modern Slavery Act has had an impact. . We have included eight of the major jewellers in the UK, namely the Signet Group (and the companies under its control, as listed in the table in this report), Tiffany & Co., Goldsmiths, Links, F. Hinds, Beaverbrooks, Boodles and Cartier.

Suspicious financial activity & human trafficking: For finance sector

This guide aims to raise awareness of suspicious financial activity and the money laundering risks associated with human trafficking: finance sector

Overview of key business & human rights legislation

Update on key regulatory UK changes to environmental and social reporting information Across the world, the list of mandatory obligations […]

Business and Human Rights Risk Management Toolkit

Business and human rights risk management toolkit. Understand human rights due diligence and directors liability . Toolkit to help business identify and manage human rights risk.

Business Briefing: UN Guiding Principles On Business And Human Rights

Business briefing: this guide sets out how the United Nations guiding Principles ( UNGPs) build on existing legal standards and practices and apply to business. It also details the steps they should be taking to implement them into business practices.

EU Non Financial Reporting Directive: summary of key legal requirements for UK companies

What  does the new EU Non Financial Reporting Directive mean for UK companies?  This Guide provides a summary of the key legal requirements for UK companies to comply with non financial reporting requirements. It covers environmental, social and human rights information..

Human Rights at Sea: Introduction & Commentary on UN Guiding Principles

Maritime companies need to assess their major human rights risks, and then prepare due diligence plans to ameliorate those risks, and promote respect for human rights. The report brings these responsibilities to life by providing examples of company best practices and highlighting that the consequences of a failure to respect human rights can bring serious consequences for a company

Human Rights and business: Who needs to make decisions?

Guidance on who should be involved in making decisions on human rights in business. Provides a flow chart for decision making

The Business Case for Directors to address human rights issues

This guide provides guidance on why Directors should consider addressing human rights issues. It helps to build the business case.

Human Rights Due Diligence Checklist

Companies must demonstrate that it respects human rights through its due dilgience processes and policies . This checklist combines legal and commercial expertise

Key differences between UN Global Compact & UNGP on Business & Human Rights

Companies can no longer reduce their corporate responsibility to volunteering initiatives and charitable donations. More than ever before private sector […]
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