Ethics in Business Webinars

Specialist business webinars by Ardea International targeting human rights, sustainability and modern slavery compliance and best practice.


The Modern Slavery Act 5 years on

FREE webinar with a range of experts discussing effective UK modern slavery strategies

FREE webinar: Social risk and resilience.

Register for this FREE webinar to learn where the global ESG risks lie, the investment strategies required to address them and the role of the SDGs in building a resilient future. Attend to understand how capturing and benchmarking corporate performance against the SDGs provides myriad challenges, including: Standardisation - what metrics are we using? Transparency - verification of what’s reported; Disclosure - voluntary v mandatory; Measuring action not intention.

FREE webinar: Net-zero carbon performance measurement.

Register for this FREE webinar to learn how corporate and asset performance should be interpreted, understood, measured and monitored in an ESG context. Attend to understand the role of standards, frameworks and benchmarks – including the EU Taxonomy, the TCFD, the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the CDSB, and sector specific standards such as BREEAM – in regard of net zero carbon commitments.

What is the link between modern slavery and the environment?

FREE webinar with a range of experts addressing the systemic drivers for climate change with Be Slavery Free

Towards environmental and human rights mandatory due diligence

Exploring due diligence developments and trends are that cover environmental and human rights reporting

Climate change and human rights: Director’s liability

Climate change and human rights risks have never been more critical topics within boardrooms

Improving your modern slavery statement

Perfect for organisations developing their first or aiming to improve its existing Modern Slavery Statement
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