Ethics in Business Webinars

Specialist business webinars by Ardea International targeting human rights, sustainability and modern slavery compliance and best practice.


WEBINAR: Mandatory Human Rights Due Diligence: Key Challenges Facing Companies

Register for this FREE webinar to learn about the existing and forthcoming mandatory human rights and environmental due diligence (mHREDD) legislation across Europe, and how it impacts your organisation. The session will be of particular interest to those working in sectors that the E.U. defines in its Proposal as being high risk to modern slavery e.g. #textiles, #agriculture, #extraction of minerals.

Human Rights Due Diligence: Eliminating Child Labour Risks in the Cocoa/Chocolate Sector

Register for this FREE webinar to learn about the global standards on child labour, human rights due diligence legislation and frameworks pertaining to child labour, and where the corporate risks on child labour in the cocoa/chocolate sector lie for U.K. and multi-national companies in their global supply chains.

Business and Human Rights – Responsible Recruitment Webinar

This free practical webinar that outlines human rights-based principles, such as the Dhaka Principles, that enhance respect for migrant workers, and explores how the “employer pays” principle addresses some of the issues that lead to debt bondage and other defined modern slavery malpractices.

Business and Human Rights – The Interconnection with Climate Change

This free webinar will discuss the unassailable human rights impacts being wrought by climate change, ranging from the direct effects on populations by rising sea levels and deforestation that lead to migration patterns, to more subtle but no less challenging impacts such as violations in labour rights, working conditions and practices.

Business and Human Rights – Geographical Focus: 15 September 2021

This practical webinar sets out the existing human rights legislation and global first principles frameworks e.g. UNGPs, ILO convention, Global Compact, and focuses on specific geographic regions where human rights risks, responsibilities and the need for remediation are documented as being most acute.

World Day Against Trafficking in Persons – The corporate contribution to SDG 8.7

Learn more from experts discussing how they are forging partnerships, educating and raising awareness in addition to undertaking human rights due diligence, implementing policies, delivering processes and remediation programmes in order to respond to SDG Target 8.7’s requirements by the 2030 deadline.

WEBINAR: Supply chain due diligence – how to mitigate ESG risk

Register for this FREE webinar to learn how the new Track Record Global/Ardea International online modern slavery due diligence service will support your ESG reporting requirements.

STOP child labour: how to address child labour in supply chains

Register for this FREE webinar to learn about the global standards on child Labour, the draft Dutch Child Labour Due Diligence Law and the direction of travel for human rights legislation globally.

FREE WEBINAR: Human Rights Due Diligence

Listen to this FREE webinar to learn about human rights due diligence, and how the forthcoming EU mandatory Human Rights Due Diligence (mHRDD) legislation will apply to all companies operating in the EU internal market, including those from outside the EU.

FREE WEBINAR: Respecting human rights

Register for this FREE webinar to learn about the corporate responsibility to respect human rights, why it is NOW business critical, and how the UNGPs provides a framework to implement respect for human rights within your organisation.

Webinar: Net-zero carbon performance measurement.

Understnad how corporate and asset performance should be interpreted, understood, measured and monitored in an ESG context.

Webinar: Social risk and resilience.

Learn where the global ESG risks lie, the investment strategies to address them and the role of the SDGs in resilient futures.

What is the link between modern slavery and the environment?

FREE webinar with a range of experts addressing the systemic drivers for climate change with Be Slavery Free
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