How to Meet the Objectives of SDG 8.7

Learn modern slavery, business and human rights strategies, practices and due diligence processes in our workshops. IEMA accredited ethical procurement training.


Supply Chain Due Diligence Training for Lawyers and Legal Counsel

Lawyers and Legal counsel are key to driving supply chain compliance and due diligence. The changing legal landscape introducing mandatory environmental and human rights due diligence is shifting lawyers need to understand disclosure and transparency requirements .

ESG: Introductory Overview for Lawyers: Interactive Masterclass

This introduction to Environmental Social and Governance (ESG) masterclass will provide an insight to the opportunities that ESG presents to create new areas of business, boost reputation, and enhance transparency around sustainability.

Effective Human Rights Remediation and Grievance Mechanisms

This workshop will provide businesses with a practical understanding of human rights remediation as defined under the UN Guiding Principles (UNGPs) and developing national and European legislation.

Private Security and Human Rights

Introduction to Business and Human Rights and Modern Slavery risk considerations related to provision of private and public security forces, and will also serve to provide a useful update on these matters for private security organisations themselves.

Addressing modern slavery risk in safeguarding

This workshop will help you understand how to identify modern slavery issues and manage your safeguarding obligations to children and vulnerable adults by ensuring your safeguarding protocols and recruitment processes are integrated.

Understanding mandatory human rights due diligence and steps needed to develop an effective due diligence framework

Exploring mandatory human rights and environmental legal developments and trends and what is meant by human rights due diligence and providing participants with the steps to develop an environmental and human rights due diligence framework

Sustainable Procurement: Integrating Modern Slavery Risk

Learn how to integrate modern slavery risk into your procurement process and understand what is meant by 'sustainable procurement'

Improving your modern slavery statement

Understand the steps you need to take to demonstrate continuous improvement of your modern slavery statement in line with Legislation, Government guidance and reflect best practise

Business and the Modern Slavery Act: Risk management and due diligence

Join us for a morning of focused online training to learn how to identify modern slavery in your direct business operations and supply chain and how to implement due diligence systems to support your business and human rights requirements.

How corporate boards can oversee environmental, social and governance risks (ESG)

Identify how corporate boards can oversee and manage the risk of potential liability arising out of Environmental Social and Governance (ESG) risks

Business compliance with environmental and human rights laws – Masterclass

Understand the organisational responsibilities in addressing and demonstrating legal compliance

Managing Director's Liability: Climate Change and Human Rights

Identify and manage the potential liability risk as a director or non-executive directors arising from climate change and human rights legislation.
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